Seminar for European Council for Pastoral Care and Counselling

God’s most beautiful word is Welcome!God is full of warm words of welcoming invitation.

God is truly welcoming in the divine inclusiveness.

We do not have any authentic YouTube video about God or by God.

We need to read sensitively and openly the signals inside in our societies, where and how God is present and where and how God is inviting us, and not exclusively only us. God’s welcoming words flies over human, ethnic and nationalistic boards.

The word WELCOME is a very friendly word. And that is God’s endless and unlimited attitude towards all humankind, including every one of us.

Welcome is a very powerful force: to come out of the box of fear and shame, to dare to look at the eyes of somebody, to take the risk to join in. Feeling welcome is a sunny word, which calls to grow, to forgive and find his/her own way.

However, no authentic photo on God’s welcoming party. But we have selfie on God. God’ selfie is Jesus. Looking through Bible his attitudes, words, feelings, everyday-choices. Social eating, and walking, where all kind people met. Daring and sharing. Making a chance. It is moving from hostility towards hospitality. This is a road towards welcoming communities.

I wish, that these days with each other can make you feel welcome and so, empower you welcome many people and more communities in to healing processes.